How to Monetize Your Knowledge 
And Get High-Ticket Clients Consistently 


The BEST and Most Effective Way To Get High Quality Dream Clients If You Want To Grow A Multi 6-Figure Business, FAST.

You could keep spending your time on creating a new website, blogging, writing a book, posting on Facebook, building an email list, creating the next lead magnet, or sales funnel and even speaking to get your message out, - BUT if you don’t know how to CONVERT and SELL to your audience- you’ll just stay as a busy content creator and a secret expert that keeps volunteering your time away who doesn’t get paid! It’s time that we see your efforts translating to consistent clients and $$$.

This is why you’ll soon discover and implement the #1 most effective skill every business owner must have to get clients, fast.

1 Simple and Powerful Strategy To Leverage What You Already Have (trust got ‘em!), To Have People Reaching Out To Work With You, And NOT The Other Way Around!

Can you imagine how much time you would save, and how much more enjoyable it would be when your dream clients are the ones reaching out to you, and you no longer have to chase after people to get clients??

The energy is completely different when someone reaches out to you, and so will your confidence when you’re not the one chasing after clients.

You’ll learn the one simple strategy to turn followers, subscribers, and your audience into already warmed-up leads that will book themselves on your calendar!

How To Stand Out And Not Get Lost In The Noise

You know you have the solution and knowledge to change lives, BUT there are so many coaches and experts out there and your offers just get watered down. 

Step 1 of my 3-step plan, I share right away how you can stand out and be seen as a credible expert so you can gain instant trust from your audience to sign up and work with you (even if you are unknown)- while ensuring you deliver incredible results to your clients. Win-Win!

“ I finally got clarity and confidence and began seeing the massive value in what I had to offer to those I would be helping. I now have the ability and mindset to move forward with both! Maggie helped me change from a person who had an idea for a business to a person with a business! She helped me get the confidence to succeed and pursue my dream!” 

~Steve J.

“Without being great at sales nothing else matters in a business and Maggie is going to teach you the most valuable skills. She’s the master at having an inspiring conversation with clients.  Maggie also helped us develop great systems and sales and we are now bringing in 1200 new clients a month.  Let her lead the way for you to help you get more clients.”

~Ted McGrath, Message to Millions  

You bring so much clarity in all your work. I immediately felt so much better and now I have a very clear path on how to present myself to get clients! For everyone that’s reading this now, don’t hesitate to sign up!”


People are saying “YES” to working with me immediately, right on the spot! I have seen a huge difference in my enrollment totals. My confidence while speaking with a potential client is at an all time high, leading to a lot more clients!”

~Skye Ross

This Closed-Door Workshop Is An Event 
You Won’t Want To Miss If...

  • The #1 reason you haven’t grown your business to a 6-figure business yet is because you’ve been so overwhelmed with all the marketing and moving parts to building a business, that your biggest challenge is turning those efforts into clients and income (you’ll walk away from this workshop with 100% crystal clarity, a simple and effective plan so you have the confidence to execute the plan and gain forward momentum to owning a multi 6-fig business that changes lives)
  • You’re not yet charging $3000-$9000 (or even $1000) per client (while you experience more freedom and flexibility to make more, give more and contribute more).
  • You are inspired to have a simple method to bring in income and high-ticket clients consistently so you can finally put an end to the early entrepreneur roller-coaster stage of inconsistent clients and cash flow!
  • ​You are motivated to stop trading your time for money, and leave behind the j-o-b that doesn’t fulfill you or the “busy work” that’s not translating to income, so you can be able to work the WAY you want, with WHO you want, and HOW you want so you can grow a lifestyle-friendly business that gives you more freedom, income, and impact.
  • ​You want to have unshakeable confidence, and you’re ready to remove self doubts, limiting beliefs and have absolute certainty in yourself and what you offer so you can raise your rates and enroll high-ticket dream clients with conviction and confidence.

A Note From Maggie…

Because of the global crisis, there has never been more opportunities and a better time than now to take control of your situation and create the online business and the life that you want. There are more people than ever that need your gifts and knowledge to help them overcome their current obstacles (or likely one they have been struggling on their own for months and even years)- whether that be related to their life, health, relationship, finances, business, or career. But in order for your peeps to experience your wisdom and your knowledge to transform their lives, knowing exactly HOW to secure and enroll these people that need you the most, is absolutely vital to not just having a sustainable business but a profitable and lifestyle-friendly one that gives your freedom and flexibility to work, serve and give back.

In order for you to get the most out of this workshop, there needs to be either a time or financial investment. This workshop is FREE. If you’re willing to invest 90 minutes of your time in exchange for my decade of proven and tested knowledge to get dream clients (only shared in this workshop), you’ll be on the speedy path to building a multi 6 fig business with that changes lives and will continue to become your greatest asset of all time, regardless of the stage you’re in your business.

My intention for you?  After you attend this workshop in its entirety and be fully present, you will be INSPIRED and more productive than ever because you finally have the clarity you need to boost your credibility, increase your confidence and know exactly how to get dream clients effectively.

Come as a student, and leave as an inspired expert that’s ready to make a global impact and ready to change lives…

Your exciting journey awaits. Please join me...

Meet You There!
Disclaimer - This workshop is entirely 100% free and will give you actionable steps to starting an online, coaching or service-based business.
Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved.   At the end of the workshop, Yes to Coaching LLC will also make available the opportunity for entrepreneurs to get support in a deeper capacity to implement these systems and action steps in their business to turbocharge their results, if they choose.  This is optional.   
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